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Ivory Stone


Ivory Stone


Versatile voice, soft aesthetics, lush soundscapes

just a few ways to describe the young artist Ivory Stone’s work. The singer and pianist writes and produces her own songs, the music being mostly influenced by various pop styles, though she derives a great deal of inspiration from classical music. Nonetheless, her vocal style remains modern, creating an atmosphere that reveals the inner workings of a gentle, melancholic nature. 

After graduating from the Hanover University of Music (HMTMH) in 2017, Ivory released her debut EP "In My Dreams" in March 2018. You can watch the music video for the lead single "Don't Wake Me" on YouTube.

Ivory Stone currently resides in Mainz, Germany.





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Debut Ep Release, March 23, 2018

I am beyond excited to finally share my debut EP. After graduating from the Hanover University of Music last year, I have thrown myself into these six songs, writing, arranging and producing them myself.

So join me on this journey "In My Dreams"

01 - Let Them Rave

02 - In My Dreams

03 - Don't Wake Me

04 - Soar

05 - Van Gogh

06 - Not Again

The debut EP "In My Dreams" is available now. You can watch the first video on YouTube.

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single release, July 21, 2017


"I believe music should reflect what an artist goes through at the time.

After the latest terror attacks in the UK, and considering how prominent a part violence of all forms has taken in our lives, I just couldn't contain myself any longer. It may seem inconsequential, writing a song; but my voice and my music is all I have. I poured my heart and soul into this piece, and I hope it may help you as it did me in working through this mess. May we all learn to grow a little kinder and 'love the kind of love that conquers fear'"

- Ivory


The debut single "Not Again" is available now. You can watch the video on YouTube.

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